Here is where we announce a new game: Befabled. It's a standalone single player PC game that's based on our deckbuilder. It has storytelling elements in the style of a visual novel combined with tutorial-esque gameplay derived from our game. Completing Befabled should allow you to play our board game, albeit with the caveat of needing to learn a few more rules. This is our compromise. This is our gift to you for waiting for our game. We'll be releasing this for free and approaching Steam to have it Greenlit. The exposure on Steam will enable us to properly gauge our success in the market and we'll be able to Kickstart our project if we receive enough positive reviews. So, thank you for waiting.

Stay in contact through our social media and this site to get the latest news. The more support we get for this game, the closer we get to releasing our game. Enjoy our teaser down below and be sure to visit the game page as well.